To bring the benefits of point and holistic (micro and macro) device, system and entire production line monitoring and alerting to SMEs.

To enable our customers to cost effectively realise better production quality and consistency, have a real-time view of how their lines are functioning and to be pre-warned of impending failures or problems.

SME Alerts solutions will allow SMEs to know before it happens.

Don't be surprised!


Our Values

SME production companies are the mainstay of the British economy and it is our belief that these companies should have the same support and benefits as the multi-national Enterprise companies.

Registered Office:

SME Alerts International [UK] Ltd.
183 Fraser Road
S8 0JP

Tel: +44 330 380 0324

How can we help you?

Tell us your problem and we will engage our Engineers, Fabricators and Architects to devise the right solution for you!.