To enable our customers to cost effectively realise better production quality and consistency, and to be pre-warned of impending failures or problems.
Imagine if you could be alerted immediately if something is likely to go wrong with your production or manufacturing line.
If only you'd known
Unexpected breakdowns can be reduced and production schedules can be planned with confidence.
Less stress More profits
Whether it is an entire line or environment that needs to be watched or just a few devices, we are here for you.
Sensors of various types are attached to machinery and/or industrial environments. They gather data and send to an information gateway, which then sends the information to a web server.
Get in touch now before anything else happens.
Better Than Paracetomol

Our products & services enable manufacturers and processors to actively prevent breakdowns and optimise maintenance resources to best effect.

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SME Alerts International [UK] Ltd.
183 Fraser Road
S8 0JP

Tel: +44 330 380 0324
Email: info@smealerts.com

How can we help you?

Tell us your problem and we will engage our Engineers, Fabricators and Architects to devise the right solution for you!.