Sensors of various types are attached to machinery and/or industrial environments. They gather data in digital form and send it over a network to an information gateway, which then sends the information to a web server. Code in the web server interprets the raw data and converts it into a human friendly display on a web interface.

The web interface can be displayed in a public or private area of a company website, or it can be displayed on smartphones. The data can be displayed in real time, depending on the configuration of the sensors and the network. It can also be retained in log files for a period of time and then processed into reports so as to be easily readable by humans.

Parameters can be set for the various sensors on a network, and a notification is sent if the limits are exceeded. For example, an alert can be sent by SMS or email if the temperature in an area or on a surface goes above or below the set limits.

Our team takes a “base-line” of your environment read-outs over time and use this to measure unusual behaviour and tolerances and notifies you if they reach a point of concern. (Subscription Service)

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